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{November 9, 2012}   30 Poems in November: Poem #9

Wonders of the night sky map 20

Wonders of the night sky map 20 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



When I look into the night sky

I see all the white stars that

Brighten all my nights up.

When I look into the night sky

I wonder how it would feel to be

Put there, are there people living

On the planets?

I wish I could throw myself

Off the edge of space so I

Could feel free for once in my life.

The planets for me mean a

Different world, a confusion for me

That I would never

Understand or would I?

I have so many questions

And confusions that I hope one day

I would get the answers to.

 by Jailenne Perez

November 9, 2012

Jailenne Perez is the mother of a little boy. She is a past editor of The Care Center’s literary journal, Nautilus II.

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