Poetry Is a Mirror

{November 24, 2012}   30 Poems in November: Poem #24

What I Do Remember!

What I do remember is dark clouds and no stars, highways long but thin and straight.

What I do remember: many cars beeping and rushing, zooming down the highway to get home to their families, my mom yelling at me, telling me: no boyfriend. I started to cry .

What I do remember: my mom punching me in my face, bruising my eye. Kicked me out of the car, almost falling over the railing near the highway. My face eats the grass and dirt.

What I don’t remember is if I got home or if my mom cursed at me in the car.

What I don’t remember at all is breaking up with my boyfriend that night, or if he called me.

What I don’t remember is my god-sister telling my mom I had one or if my mom already knew.

What I don’t remember at all is if my dad was home or my brothers or sister or if it was a weekday or weekend.

by Jasmine Colon-Thomas

Care Center Student

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