Poetry Is a Mirror

{November 21, 2012}   30 Poems in November: Poem #21

My 72 Hours of Labor

All I saw were doctors in and out of my room.

All I saw were tears rolling down my family and friends’ faces.

I was half dead but only heard voices.

I felt scared, anxious, threatened, and frustrated within my body.

I felt as if I could no longer keep strong.

I don’t remember the looks on my family’s faces.

I don’t remember the mood in my room.

I don’t remember the things I was being told, the people that were left in my room at that point.

I don’t remember the moment when my eyes just gave up on me and

I couldn’t see anything but pitch black.

by Crystal Concepcion

Crystal, a student at The Care Center, is a young mother with one child.

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