Poetry Is a Mirror

{November 15, 2012}   30 Poems in November: Poem #15

The Gift

God gifted me with

an amazing mom who put a roof over my

head, who buys me everything I need when she can and

always made sure there was food

on the table every time I came home,

God gifted me with

an amazing husband who loves me for

who I am, who cares for me so much

who since day one had eyes and still has

eyes for me, who since day one has been

so faithful to me and will always be

who gifted me with two beautiful boys.

God gifted me with

two  gorgeous boys who always make me

laugh, who always surprise me with all

the new things they learn and do

who always remind me that they’re the

reason why I’m still standing strong

that remind me that I don’t give up

because I want to give them the best

life ever.

by Ixia Maldonado

Care Center Student

November 15, 2012

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