Poetry Is a Mirror

{November 6, 2012}   30 Poems in November: Poem #6

The Edge of Space


Our instinct to look up

turned upside down

when through the camera

we saw the slide

out of the balloon-suspended

capsule, then the awkward,

fragile standing up—

Bambi taking his first steps

on Dumbo’s thick legs—

and then looked down

past the boot toes on the little ledge

at ourselves, enclouded

and rich with color.

Through the earpiece

we heard the all-clear

then saw the boots leave

the platform, gloves

in peripheral view

as we belly-flopped forward

then tumbled end

over end for thousands upon

thousands of feet.

A miracle: we were able

when we dove

into ourselves

to stop the dizzying flips

right ourselves

and fly right

pop the safety chute

and land on our feet.

Anita Gallers


Anita Gallers is a faculty member at The Care Center.

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