Poetry Is a Mirror

{November 11, 2012}   30 Poems in November: Poem #11

The baby is strong

The baby is a trooper

The baby is a miracle

But wait, the baby is crying

He has been separated from his mom

He’s in a room full of cool bright objects

He has a million hands pulling on his body

He’s playing tug of war with giants

Ow, now they’re hurting him with pointy things

He’s yelling at the top of his lungs for his mami.

But it’s too late!

He can’t move. He can’t make any noise.

He feels like he’s in a black hole he can’t get out of.

But the only thing he can hear is

Mami telling him I love you, be strong

You’ll be fine when you wake up. I’ll be right next to you.

Wait, it’s done. Now he feels mami’s kisses.

He opens his eyes and realizes that it’s over and he’s back in mami’s arms.

His smile shines brighter than the sunlight.

by Caroline Giraldo

Care Center Student


November 11, 2012


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