Poetry Is a Mirror

{November 30, 2012}   30 Poems in November: Poem #30


Wow, yellow born from birth like a skeleton of golden-yellow. Yellow smooth like round space plates circle after circle white – yellow shines through, wow… amazing view from a corner of yellow–brown wood come through and escapes, that was once yours. Yellow come through pleas,  scared and dangerous. Yellow you are now home, black eye and wide lips, you are now home. Dream, dream yellow like the sun around blue skies. Dream, yes, yellow the kind, sweet, and humble life of a book that Patricia Lee Lewis wrote. How beautiful this book is, smells of yellow flowers and sweet pounding emotion and kind words.

Jasmine Colon-Thomas

Care Center Student



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This poem was inspired by Patricia Lee Lewis, who came to The Care Center in November and read from her book, “A Kind of Yellow.”


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