Poetry Is a Mirror

{November 3, 2012}   30 Poems in November: Poem #3

Stars. . .

When I look into the night sky I see shiny stars.

The stars I see when you’re around me with a bright smile.

That smile that shines so brightly when seeing me.

It reminds me of a beautiful star that lights up at night.

Those stars I count on everytime I don’t see you.

They shine so bright when I make a wish every night.

The nights we miss seeing those stars that mark our love.

My love is like a bright shiny star that glows up at night.

Like the glowing stars I look upon at night when I’m headed to bed.

Looking at my ceiling I watch the glowing stars.

The stars that remind me of a beautiful night.

A night full of excitement and passion.

The pleasure of making sweet love under the stars that shine.

My heart feels like a shooting star that flies across the sky.


                                                                                        by Maylin Garcia

About the poet:

Maylin Garcia, says, “I have a son that’s the best thing I ever had and … I really enjoy my life a lot.”

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November 3, 2012



Ezra says:

Nice Maylin.

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