Poetry Is a Mirror

{December 19, 2011}   I Love

I love being a mother of my 5-month-old daughter.

I love feeling her body close to me.

I love spring.

I love the sounds of birds.

I love the smell of roses.

I love wearing nice clothes.

I love my family when they gather up.

I love cheetahs.

I love being happy.

I love the taste of strawberries in spring.

I love wearing nice earrings.

I love being free at times.

I love being independent.

I love that my daughter is always mine.

I love cooking.

I love my life and I can’t complain.



by Rossemery


{December 19, 2011}   What I Love

I love waking up to my daughter saying “mami mami”,

I love to feel my baby boy moving inside my belly,

I love to eat and taste the mozzarella sticks with spaghettis,

I love to feel the warmth of my boyfriend cuddling with me,

I love falling asleep to the beat of the music,

I love to hear my niece say “titi titi”,

I love to see my mom happy & smiling every day when I get up,

I love to see my family having a good time together,

I love playing with my daughter & niece,

I love cooking for my family,

I love jamming to music when I’m bored or alone,

I love to see my niece & daughter dancing to reggaeton,

I love to go out shopping with my sister,

I love to hear my daughter, mom & boyfriend say “I LOVE YOU”


by Jennifer R

{December 19, 2011}   I love… <3

I love my big eyes,

I love texting,

I love taking bubble bath with my kids,

I love my kids, my son calling me “mami”, my daughter’s laugh,

I love my apartment,

I love my mother,

I love my father,

I love my brothers,

I love my nephews,

I love the way my nephew calls me “titi”,

I love the sun in the summer,

I love summer clothes,

I love sandals,

I love roses,

I love the color yellow because it’s bright as the sun,

I love monkeys,

I love cooking rice, chicken, pasta and everything that comes to mind,

I love being a mother,

I love when my man tells me he loves me,

I love being a wife,

I love when my son tells me he loves me,

I just love being me!



                           by Keyshlian

{December 19, 2011}   The Orange That Is Not An Orange

This orange is an orange but to me I see a baseball.

When I hold an orange

I imagine myself playing baseball hitting the ball and running to the bases.


When I look at the orange I don’t see an orange I see a rock. It is bumpy but

Rough like a snake’s skin.  I ask myself “Why are oranges like that, so rough

and so sweet in the inside?”


When I eat an orange I feel like I am in a tropical island setting on a hammock

and the breeze is hitting my hair.


But after imagining all of this I realize that when I hold the orange
it feels like my baby’s head when I first touched her!


        by Maria O.

{December 13, 2011}   She’s Like a Rose

We are each other’s reflection in the mirror

She is the only red rose surrounded by white roses

I am one of the white roses around her

Her mood is like the day and night

I’m stubborn when you try to stop me

I’m like a rainbow

I am bright when I am out side, grey when I’m inside.


by Jennifer M. C.



{December 13, 2011}   Some Day

Some Day…

Someday I’ll have a good job, a car, and my own house.

Someday I’ll be a nurse.

Someday I’ll feel like I had accomplished all the things I wanted.

Someday you will see that I’ll be somebody important.

 But now, here I am taking care of my two little ones.

I’ts hard sometime but I’ll do anything for my kids.

Someday my kids will say  “Mommy you’re the best mommy in the world“.


By Keyshlian

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