Poetry Is a Mirror

{January 30, 2008}   My Poem

By Sharika

My poem
My poem
I don’t know
If I will feel the same sorrow
My poem
can make me cry
If I look it in the eyes
I try to read it to myself
But still I cry
I stop and smile
So that my feelings
don’t burst out as if I was a lost child
who couldn’t find their way home
God, please, put that strength in me.
This poem is alone
My poem


{January 16, 2008}   My Five Senses


The first thing I HEAR in the morning is my daughter
Saying she gotta get dressed brush her tiny teeth and do her hair
I hear her whining and that fake crying she’s got it good
But I love her so much.

I SEE my daughter hyper, cute, small, smart.
I see her doing things on her own.
I see my nephew playing his psp game.
I see him fighting with my daughter.
I see him teaching my daughter good and bad things
I see them playing together and making up
I see myself having my own place, a driver license and my GED
I see my sister on her phone and texting all the time
I see other girls giving me dirty looks but the funny thing is
I don’t care what they think or say ha ha.
I see my nephew running his mouth all the time
That kid is a snitch
I see myself fighting with him
I see myself with a man named David.

I FEEL my daughter’s nice and short black hair
I feel her tiny feet and legs
When I put on baby lotion
I feel on my nephew’s big head
I feel the keyboard under my fingers
Damn it I don’t have internet
But I really love feeling
Oh my god
I can’t believe I am saying
What the best thing I touch & feel all day
Every day all day
I feel it in
In the Shower
In the car
At School
The Park
while I am eating
& talking to people

OH My God I like to taste different things
But sometimes I don’t like the taste
taste is something everyone does
Every day to try new things in food
My favorite taste is alcapurias the way my grandma does woo wee
And the rest is the same thing every day GOSH!!!

{January 16, 2008}   My Life

By Madeline         1-16-09




I am 19 years old and have a beautiful smart 3 year old daughter she is the best I love her.

I have a man he is 20 years old

I spent my New Years with him

And I loved it.

We had fun we danced and I met his family and friend

I like them they are cool

And he has a Beautiful Mother & Sisters, and nice Brothers.

I miss him a lot gosh

I wanna see him

I wanna hold him and kiss him


I told him never to let me go

And his answer was “I never will”

On Friday 11th 2008 he had court

Damn I fell asleep early Thursday I wish I never did

I wanna to talk to him =(

So things didn’t look good

I text him sayin you’re the sweetest guy I met

I will wait for u no matter what


And I have strong feelings for you

I will always be here you know my number


I am missing u like crazy


His last text was I LOVE U BABY

Damn that hit me hard my tears came down.

I couldn’t wait to get out of school.

I cried when I walked to my aunt’s house

I called his 2 phones but no answer = (

I cried even more

As soon I got closer to my aunt’s house I stopped

I didn’t want my daughter see me cry

So I was “DAMN” baby got u 24.7 in my head

His mom called me it’s sad I asked her how long will he be gone and she said

2yrs I told her “DAMN”

but I will wait because I love him

and he’s the best thing that has happened to me

so we talked for a few minutes then we hang up

and I went crazy. I couldn’t get him out of my head I tried to sleep but it was hard

I miss his text and hearing his voice

My phone isn’t the same I just wanted to go home so I did.

First thing I got in the laptop and put the song


Damn I had to cry so I did non stop I cried, cried, cried.

I miss him like crazy man

It’s hard but it’s worth the wait

And I can’t wait to see him

I love you









{January 16, 2008}   How Come

Sharika R


 How come  

How come you weren’t their ?

You say you were

But you didn’t care 

How come You let me go

 Through that mess all alone?

You say it was me

But you’re the parent…..PLEASE!!!

I cried to come back home

 You called them up

An told them

To keep me an their home

  How could you ?

Let me stay

In another strangers house

You didn’t know

How come?

You repeated the chain

I did nothing

But try to pray

Pray an hope

That I don’t do the same thing

An now

That I have my baby

I let her know

 I care 

 An I will always be their

I made that promise

An I know

I will not brake it

So now

How come You can’t stand up

An’ take the blame an’ truth Of my pain ? 

{January 16, 2008}   Where

Sharika Rivera


Where do we go from here ?

Why do we do these things ?

Where did she come from?

 Why did you disappear?

Where did your heart go ?

Why did you leave it alone?

 Where was your brain

an what were you thinking?

 Why didn’t I pay attention?

 WHERE,WHY, HOW, come this is how I felt

When I was a single mom For a month .

{January 16, 2008}   Before I was a mom…By Jasmine

Before I was a mom I was a dancer.

Before I was a mom I was independent and alone.

Before I was a mom I was a rebel.

I didn’t understand why my mom always worried and complained.

Before I was a mom I didn’t Care about anything.

When I became a mom I was still independent but I had responsibility.

I had a little boy. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, and he makes me feel complete.

I also now understand why my mom always worried because she was a mom.

{January 16, 2008}   His Hands…By Jasmine

The tiny little fingers on his hands remind me of the timeless moments.

The smell of his hands is like the soft scents of candy and baby.

The taste of his hands is of sticky gummy worms that he eats.

When I hear the baby sleep I play with his hands and rub his little knuckles.

The way I feel when I see his hands is at peace. Like no one is there to mess up or make mistakes.

It’s just me and those little hands of his.

{January 16, 2008}   My Poem

By Sarah

December 12, 2007


My poem can move people like the trees in the wind.

My poem can fall from the highest building and not break.

 My poem can hurt just like when you where young and got hurt.

 My poem can make you cry just like a sad movie.

My poem can be ugly like the sky in the middle of a storm.

My poem can be joyful like a child playing with toys.

 My poem can not do anything at all. My poem can be my own.

{January 16, 2008}   Forget About You

By Morales

I wish I could forget about you.


Why because everyday that goes by I see or hear you.


I wish I could forget about u because of the


 Way you left me and for some of the reasons


It’s is not easy. And I have your son and


You don’t even come and see him.


He’s about to be two years old on June 3.


It’s is not right because he’s only one years old


And he has not seen his father.

 That’s one of the reasons why I want to forget about you.


{January 16, 2008}   What grandma don’t know

By Monica

What grandma doesn’t know is that I was pregnant.
What grandma doesn’t know is that I’m getting married.
What grandma doesn’t know is that she not here.
What grandmas don’t know is what she is missing out on.

et cetera